Thursday, November 29, 2007

b&w collage 02

b & w collage 02

it's also from a b & w photograph, though the original collage is/was color-full. for details, the notes from collage 01 apply equally to this one.

b&w collage 01

b & w collage 01for both this image and the next one, b&w collage 02, i began by scanning in 24-bit color the original b&w photo of a mainly magazine, greeting card and related ephemera cut-and-paste collage. successfully, i believe(!) i tweaked the perspective to something close to the way the original presented on the wall, applied a sharpen filter (1x) and then adjusted curves, brightness and contrast and the image color to black and white rather than converting back to grayscale. as usual, the pc display is darker than on the mac, and so far this one is more successful than 02, but when i have a few minutes i'll work more on both.

Thursday, November 01, 2007