Saturday, October 09, 2004

still-current lists from the past

Here's one I made for some class somewhere (at UMassBoston, probably):

City, cities:

• Cash economy—as opposed to barter economy
• Class, ethnic, economic, linguistic and cultural diversity
• Communications!
• Concentrated housing—esp vertical concentration
• Education on all levels, particularly university and technical
• Home of the middleclass!
• Home of the middleperson—the broker
• Major arts events; major sports events
• Medical centers
• Multiculturalism; transculturalism
• Habitual, deliberate, intentional and purposeful [how many more adjectives would you like to describe this activity?] contact with entities outside of itself

Ghetto of any kind and every type (my apologies for writing this down without a source):
"Nothing much goes in or out of it that wasn't there the day before."

Another list, from the same time, same place:

Body Image, where:
  • body,
  • mind,
  • psyche,
  • spirit and
  • culture
converge. Its impact reverberates in all areas of life:
  • mental,
  • physical,
  • emotional and
  • spiritual.

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