Saturday, July 28, 2007

450 Salem Western Avenue

450 Salem Western AvenueIf you've lived or worked or gone to school in the general Boston, North Shore, South Shore, etc. area, you're well-acquainted with the fabled public trans system, usually referred to as MBTA (pronounced as an actual 3-syllable word) in everyday parlance; the extensive MBTA network includes light rail, subway, buses and boats. The MBTA's current Route 450, West Lynn via Western, runs from Salem's Commuter Rail Station to Haymarket--same basic route as when I lived in the illustrious city of Salem on Boston's North Shore. In those days I always took the MBTA 450 whenever I was going into downtown Boston for a day or to school at UMass. Check out the link for history and fun facts! For all of those three years, I lived on Federal Street on the top floor of an amazing Federal-style house.

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